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Unger and La Verge Families.

My maternal grand father was Frans Anton Unger. His paternal (Unger) side was originally a mystery and originally only went back one generation. It took 3 years to crack the riddle. In this research, I became familiar with the Dutch archives online and I was able to locate members of this family back to the 1500s. I have copies of several of the original birth, death and marriage certificates which are in either Dutch and/or Latin.

Frans Anton Unger's maternal (La Verge) side is much more comprehensive and goes back 7 generations. The La Verge family also have a long history spanning several continuous generations at Leiden University. There is an active interest in the genealogy of the La Verges. I have in my possession a document outlining this family dated 1997/1998. The authors were Phyllis Hoetink and Hans La Verge. I have used their dates and acknowledge their valuable input with thanks. For the record some modern day La Verges spell the name Laverge.

Unger Family Crest incorrectly desribes the coat of arms as folows:-
Arms - Shield: Gules two mullets argent, a fleur-de-lis or, two and one. Crest - Helmet:

The first part is correct - Arms - Shield: Gules two mullets argent, a fleur-de-lis or, two and one. The Crest, however, should be:- Gules a single plume (typically five feathers) on a torse gules and or.

Alternatively Three feathers or and gules alternately on a torse gules and or. as depicted above. A third alternative crest is:- A plume gules and or alternately on a torse gules and or. In layman's terms the shield is red and has two silver or white stars in the top corners. There is a gold fleur de lis in the bottom center of the shiled. The crest is a red and gold torse topped with three to five feathers in a single row. The feathers are either all red or alternating red and gold or alternating gold and red.

Surname DB records:- "The typical blazon has a bear rampant on a red or blue field, but there are many variations on this theme."

There are records of some 700 Unger and La Verge family members who are no longer alive on this website. There are additional records of about 350 living members of this family in the databases as well. The living records are available on request. (See the request link below)

The 700 Unger and La Verge records may be seen here.

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