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Heugh Families.

As I began the Van Ryneveld family research I found a whole series of Heughs. They were generally recorded as "Heugh" with not much further information. The Heugh data on this website is my personal analysis of the relevant members of the Heugh Family. The research is partially duplicated in the Van Ryneveld data.

The Heugh Family connection with the van Rynevelds (as recorded in the Van Ryneveld Family Notes)is as follows:-
Evert Heugh of Tonderen came to South Africa in 1771 in the service of the Dutch East India Co. He married Susanna Redelinghuis (Born on 16 Oct 1758 and Christened 22 Oct 1758) on 9 Jul 1780. She was the daughter of Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuis of den Ham and Johanna Hermina De Vries.

Evert and Susanna Heugh had 10 children.
One of these was Petrus Johannes Heugh of Port Elizabeth.

Petrus Johannes Heugh had eight children. Three of these children married Van Rynevelds.
1- Johanna Hendrika Heugh - Married Willem Stephanus van Ryneveld on 24.10.1838 in Port Elizabeth
2- John Frederick Van De Graaf Heugh of Port Elizabeth - Married Elizabeth Johanna (Hannie) van Ryneveld
3- Edward Peter Heugh - Married Maria Martha Wilhelmina (Mimmie) van Ryneveld

Heugh Coat of Arms

Fairbairn's Book of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland record a single crest for the Heugh family as follows:-
Heugh of Holmwood Park, A unicorn's head arg. Motto:- "Per Ardua"

The Encyclopędia of Heraldry, Or General Armory of England, Scotland and Ireland has no record of a coat of arms or crest for the Heugh.

Commercial online sources show the following coat of arms. In heraldic terms:- Argent, sable a lion sable rampant langued and armed. Crest sable a demi lion rampant on a cornonet or and gules. Torse argent and gules. Note: To date, I can find no confirmation of the accuracy of this image or its provenance.

There are records of some 380 Heugh family members who are no longer alive on this website. There are additional records of about 120 living members of this family in the databases as well. The living records are available on request. (See the request link below)

The 380 Heugh records may be seen here.

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